Top 20 Software Testing Solution Companies - 2016

The recent decades have witnessed an increasing reliance on software applications for day-to-day tasks, such as monitoring healthcare on the go, to IBM Watson’s DeepQA engine. The significance of these applications functioning with desired outputs at the right time has a direct dependence on the quality of software testing procedures employed during its delivery lifecycle. Moreover, with the advent of Service Oriented Architecture, software testing professionals are now mandated to consider newer aspects such as virtualization and adoption of cloud computing.

 The software-testing marketplace finds itself inundated with testing techniques and trends, such as automated testing, agile development environment, crowd-sourced testing, and contextdriven testing. These tools are integrating the testing process at much earlier phases in the software development value-chain, expediting the delivery of software to market. With the growing number of things being added to the Internet of Things every day, software products are required to support and run on these multifarious devices despite diversity. To that end, advanced methodologies such as localization testing that checks for an application’s cultural appropriateness and usability testing that determines the effectiveness are also performed.

In an effort to help testers face the shifting boundaries of software development, a panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, along with the CIOReview editorial board has assessed scores of software testing solution providers and picked out a list of prime choices.

 We have considered the vendor’s ability in designing and building advanced software-testing solutions that cater to the industry needs, at the same time adding to its functional and productive flair. We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising Software Testing Solution Providers 2016.

    Top Software Testing Solutions Companies

  • 1

    Provider of custom software development, technology enablement services and consulting with a focus on Agile methodologies and intellectual interactions

  • 2

    Implements a wide range of testing and automation programs for commercial businesses and federal agencies

  • 3

    Infogain’s Business Assurance Practice delivers services designed to ensure that technology solutions align with the need of the business

  • 4

    Develops methodology that determines the area which requires testing to mitigate the risk of a given project

  • 5

    Enables end-to-end test automation frameworks ensuring high quality with innovative and scalable automated test designs in systems development.

  • 6

    Software and services company that offers high level of test automation to ensure quality and efficiency throughout the lifecycle of a software application

  • 7

    A custom software development company offering full-cycle testing and QA automation services, including functional, mobile, and API testing

  • 8

    Parasoft’s suite of software quality solutions provide end-to-end testing capabilities that span functional testing, test lab management, development testing, and automated defect prevention

  • 9

    Provider of quality assurance testing services that helps organizations to improve their QA functions and optimize their QA process

  • 10

    Improves testing efficiency through automated software testing practices

  • 11

    Enables businesses to plan, research, design, and measure Customer Experience and User Experience, on a unified software platform

  • 12

    Delivers solutions to enable users to build robust manual and automated tests from reusable components that are created without recording or scripting

  • 13



    Provides global customers with premium software testing and QA services

  • 14

    Performance Lab

    Performance Lab

    Delivers independent software testing and quality assurance services for enterprise customers

  • 15

    QualiTest Group

    QualiTest Group

    QualiTest designs and delivers contextualized software testing solutions

  • 16



    Helps software teams create apps and APIs by ensuring quality throughout every step of the lifecycle

  • 17



    Provider of software testing services for producing efficient, fast and relible software products

  • 18



    Provider of more than twenty types of QA services that meets every need in testing

  • 19



    Provides robust test management practices to accelerate deployment of high quality software

  • 20

    Vector Software

    Vector Software

    Provides software testing solutions for a complete approach to unit testing, integration testing and code coverage