20 Most Promising Software Testing Solution Providers - 2015

20 Most Promising Software Testing Solution Providers - 2015

As small and large businesses across industries are engaged in building applications to deliver captivating end-user experience, it can be said that software today is the key differentiator in a business outcome. With investment on the line, businesses need to ensure that their software is protected and resilient in the production environment.

Helping businesses achieve this today, software testing should be able to sustain an extensive assortment of devices and operating systems, which would facilitate the conception of multiple test scenarios or executions across manifold platforms. The software testing market is undergoing metamorphosis to align with this disrupting environment. Software testing teams have to make sure that the software delivers cross-platform resolution across mobile, cloud, and web scenarios. Testing services is progressively modifying to quality assurance in contemplation of ensuring business transformation. New technologies like IoT, cloud and mobile testing are on the rise and software testers need to be fully equipped to grab the emerging opportunities.

In this edition of CIO Review, we present you the “20 Most Promising Software Testing Solution Providers of 2015,” featuring the best solution and service providers offering tools and services on the software testing landscape. The companies compiled in this issue have exhibited extensive business process knowledge, along with in-depth, integrated, and innovative strategies. The listing provides a look into how the solutions and services work in the real world so that organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of what technologies are available and how they shape up against the competition.

Company Name

Company Description

Blue Star Infotech BSIL is an end-to-end testing solutions provider
Catch Software Develops and supports customer-focused test management software, execution, and integration tools
Conformiq Conformiq is a worldwide provider of automatic test design software that integrates with all major SDLC tools delivering optimized full coverage tests at agile speed for automated execution
EPI-USE Labs Offers SAP test data automation solutions that maintains the integrity of the cross-system business process data
LogiGear A provider of software testing and automation tools to competently examine software along with manifold developmental services
OPTiiM OPTiiM is a software and services company specializing in project portfolio management, test automation, software testing, and performance testing
Parasoft Researches and develops software solutions that help organizations deliver defect-free software
Permeance Technologies Delivers innovative, exciting, functional solutions enabling businesses to connect with people online
PractiTest Provides cloud based solution to manage all testing needs and provide information to the organization
QA Mentor Provider of unique and distinct quality assurance testing services helping organizations to improve their QA functions and optimize their QA process
RCG Global Services Provides QA & Software Testing solutions that help organizations manage and deploy defect-free applications
SmartBear Helps software teams create apps and APIs by ensuring quality throughout every step of the lifecycle.
SOASTA Enables digital business owners to gain unprecedented and continuous performance insights into their real user experience on mobile and web devices–in real time, and at scale.
Ta3s Ta3s is a solution driven service organization providing functional and regression testing, automated testing, performance engineering, mobile testing, and test management services.
Testlauncher Provides a platform that bridges clients’ testing needs and a world-wide tester community to schedule unlimited amounts of testing by using the Testlauncher free issue tracker.
TestPoint Provides robust test management practices to accelerate deployment of high quality software
TurnKey Solutions TurnKey Solutions develops, sells, trains, and implements the industry’s only data-driven, HP Certified, scriptless test automation platform for Application Lifecycle Management
Vector Software Provides software testing solutions for a complete approach to unit testing, integration testing, and code coverage
Worksoft Worksoft helps some of the world’s biggest brands understand their real-time business processes, and ensure they continue to work when technology changes
Xamarin Xamarin provides a complete mobile development platform, allowing users to build, test, and monitor mobile apps mobile