Top 10 Software Testing Consulting/Services Companies - 2018

The software testing industry owes its steady evolution to the rapid emergence of new technologies. In an attempt to deliver high-end services, the leading brands in the software development space are looking at improving the longevity of the software development lifecycle, thereby driving organizational growth. While not all companies spend thousands of dollars to build and maintain the testing team and process, they look for QA software testing service providers to attain more control over the process and achieve higher productivity.

In this phase of rapid digital transition, developers are rethinking software testing beyond just sequential processes; currently, it is involved as a comprehensive part of the development phase. Leveraging the testing center of excellence (TcoE) framework at different levels, testing experts are making way for improved availability of robust and stable applications. In addition, businesses are turning to open source tools in order to achieve industry standards for new software. Apart from this, testers are implementing digital, security and cloud testing processes in order to re-design workflows, ensure IoT security besides evaluating web-based applications with the aid of web traffic. For accelerating testing and identification of defects, service providers are stepping up the game with advanced functional and regression testing, test automation, mobile apps, game, performance, security, compliance testing, and strategic test advisory services.

That’s not all; the demand for machine learning, AI and DevOps is increasing for ushering greater focus and high-end quality service in the software testing space.

While cutting-edge technology ensures quality for the software testing space, it is an uphill task for customers to decide on one from the wide assemblage of services. To make this task easier, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, Analysts and the editorial board of CIOReview has selected a list of software testing service providers.

We present to you CIOReview’s “10 Most Promising Software Testing Consulting/Services Companies - 2018.”

    Top Software Testing Consulting/Services Companies

  • 1

    Uses IT and telecommunications to provide cost-effective custom solutions in software testing, software automation, and development

  • 2

    Offers services to help customers analyze their business processes and integrate the company’s products and services in the most productive way

  • 3

    Delivers secure, reliable, flexible and scalable IT services as tailorfit solutions to your needs

  • 4

    QA Mentor is an award-winning leading global provider of QA outsourcing services, headquartered in New York and with eight different offices around the world.

  • 5

    Offers a fully automated POS regression testing system—ATaaS (Automated Testing as a Subscription) or ATN for retailers

  • 6



    Helps clients build better products by effectively utilizing the voice of their customers

  • 7



    Provides outstanding software development and QA service for a number vof industry verticals, including ICT/Telco, Automotive and Transportation, Industrial Automation, IIoT, FinTech, Robotics and Machine Learning

  • 8

    Omni Sourcing

    Omni Sourcing

    Transforms technology testing by delivering solutions that are unique to your business

  • 9



    Deliver excellence in automated testing, manual testing, nearshore services, DevOps, and quality strategies

  • 10



    Provides the clients with innovative and superior security testing solutions, accordingly to the latest and required standards