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Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO
Founded in 2010, QA Mentor is an award-winning software testing company that utilizes the right quality assurance processes and resources to meet the needs of its customers. The company has more than 300 subject matter experts providing over 30 Quality Assurance (QA) and testing services for a wide range of industries, including financial, banking, insurance, healthcare, commerce, and telecom.

"We don't operate with body shop principles, following just resource allocation. We impart the best practices, methodologies, and approaches within our resources to support and benefit the clients," says Founder and CEO of QA Mentor, Ruslan Desyatnikov.

QA Mentor operates round the clock, serving clients in different time zones Eastern, Central, and European. Contributing to QA Mentor's efficient array of services is its community of testers from 182 nations. These testers are proficient in all QA activities along with localization testing services in every language. The firm also delivers on demand testing services allowing clients access to a pool of resources when needed and control their expenses.

The robustness of QA Mentor's services is based in its unique approach that is reflected in its onboarding process. Before starting a project, the company conducts an assessment of the clients' overall business processes, methodologies, and expected deliverables. Upon understanding the objectives, QA Mentor offers clients an unobligated two-week free trial be it functional testing, performance testing, security testing, automation testing, or compatibility testing to demonstrate the mode of delivery. This proof-of-concept stage takes them closer to understanding the business aspect behind the client's application, as well as establishing the baseline and productivity metrics to identify areas of improvement.
Once these insights are gathered, QA Mentor leverages the same resources used in the trial to start the operations. As a part of the onboarding procedure, QA Mentor assigns a project test coordinator to oversee client engagement. When the application is fully tested and ready to go live, QA Mentor certifies and conducts product verification and validation, in addition to prior-to-launch recommendations, as a value-added service.

QA Mentor's holistic services that extend throughout the software development cycle have allowed them to successfully deliver more than 900 projects till date. In one instance, a company migrating from Waterfall to the Agile model struggled as their two-week release cycles stretched to two months. With QA Mentor's adept problem identification, through gap and SWOT analysis, along with its robust transformation strategy, the release cycles were cut to two-week sprints in no time.

We impart the best practices, methodologies and approached within our resources to support and benefit the clients

QA Mentor's success is also a result of its focus on quality. The company has its own QA University, with more than 20 different training programs. The university also provides education and training to other organizations and QA professionals. The training is oriented toward specific business areas and industry verticals to ensure that test professionals understand everything around testing along with the commercial viability of the applications they are testing. "Through our training programs, the university generates top QA professionals for our organization as well as for others so that the overall skill-set in the QA testing space gets uplifted," says Desyatnikov.

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New York, NY

Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO

QA Mentor is multi-award winning, independent software testing company headquartered in New York. With 350 global QA resources in 11 different countries, offering more than 30 QA testing services and covering all time zones, QA Mentor is a global leader in software quality assurance and testing space

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