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Ruslan Desyatnikov
Being a leading software testing organizations with a yearly average annual growth of 35 percent, QA Mentor strives to strengthen its baseline processes and procedures pertaining to solution delivery. For the company, 2018 was a molding period in ensuring that all its functional teams follow specific operational protocols. Instead of blindly aiming for aggressive growth like many of its competitors, QA Mentor focused on achieving CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) level-3 certifications that recognize the operational maturity of solution providers. QA Mentor successfully secured three international certifications — ISO 9001(for quality management), ISO 270001(for information security), and ISO 20000(for service management). This has, in turn, enabled the company to gain the trust of even financial companies.

To further build on its success streak, QA Mentor is heading towards the goal of becoming a 1000-people organization by prioritizing internal quality management and automated delivery models to ensure that newly hired employees are easily aligned with the company’s software testing vision and mission.

The firm successfully addresses issues faced by its clients while seeking agility in operations and faster turnaround time in software testing. Business entities are gradually making a shift to agile methodologies and embracing DevOps models.

This has forced service providers to reimage their testing approaches. QA Mentor offers numerous solutions in this regard using automated testing tools and templates methodologiesas manual testing methods no-more match to the fast-paced client demands. “We have our own several automation frameworks available specifically for quick turnaround time on building automated testing scripts,” says Ruslan Desyatnikov, founder & CEO of QA Mentor. The company leverages various tools ranging from, open source offerings to enterprise-level tools to deliver their clients with API, functional, and UI testing.
Moreover, the company provides performance and security testing services considering the increased emphasis of organizations on the same. QA Mentor also offers IoT, web and mobile-based performance testing.

We have our own automation frameworks available specifically for quick turnaround time on building automation scripts

QA Mentor’s QA Audit &process Process Iimprovement services are one of the most promising and primary solutions of the company. This helps the company to empower its clients to build high-performance QA practices and makes QA Mentor a powerful competent of more prominent players in the space such as Cognizant, and InfosysTata. Furthermore, the company offers 24/7 support for clients around the world with offshore testing teams. QA Mentor’s five shifts schedules including weekends help the company to overlap with the different time zones of clients. The company also offers online training to its clients’ teams on both standard and advanced levels of performance testing.

QA Mentor launched business assurance testing service in February 2018 which helpsits clients to analyze their requirements not only from a technical standpoint but also from a business perspective. The company’s quality engineers work side-byside with business analysts of clients to ensure that applications are tested to work by their business models. QA Mentor is also equipped to provide crowdsourced testing services with around 14000 professional testers across 182 countries making it the goto entity for game developers and also, for testing software from multi-lingual or geographically diverse perspectives.

Aligning in tune to evolving IT landscape, QA Mentor’s R&D strives to sharpen its edge on blockchain and AI testing capabilities by developing more testing automation scripts. The company is also working on rolling out a novel product, QA MonitorQAMometor, in 2019. The offering, which deals with KPI metrics, raises the bar in software testing by emphasizing on quality. Geographical expansion is also in QA Mentor’s agenda as the company plans to establish its footprints across the globe, especially in Dubai and the Philippines.

QA Mentor

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Ruslan Desyatnikov

QA Mentor is an award-winning leading global provider of QA outsourcing services, headquartered in New York and with eight different offices around the world.

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