AutonomIQ: AI-driven Autonomous Testing to Address a Gaping Hole in Software Testing

Ram Shanmugam, Co-Founder & CEO
“90 percent of software testing today is performed via manual processes that are tedious and consume 30 to 40 percent of a sprint cycle!” begins Ram Shanmugam, a serial entrepreneur and seasoned veteran in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud and infrastructure technologies. As he touches upon the need for fully autonomous software testing to achieve improved speed and efficiency with reduced time, Shanmugam also points out that the prolonged software testing process is not only manual but extremely error-prone. From analysts gathering requirements and producing test cases, to test automation engineers converting test cases into test scripts and test duplication team executing the tests, the process is not just time-consuming, but highly inaccurate and inefficient. At the helm of AutonomIQ as the Co-Founder and CEO, Shanmugam leads his innovation-driven team to transform legacy software testing to fully autonomous software testing while normalizing application experience and software quality.

AutonomIQ proffers a robust autonomous testing platform powered by AI and Machine Learning technology for functional testing, API testing, and UI testing with natural language processing, computer vision, and advanced algorithms to generate and execute test scripts for web applications within a few minutes (or instantly). AutonomIQ’s testing platform’s uniqueness stems from its ability to identify the functionality of an application, and centers its decisions on the functional elements to determine the bona fide performance of the application with appropriate test cases. “Our autonomous testing platform instantly generates synthetic data based on the required data sets, empowering clients to seamlessly test their modern web and SAP applications with apt functional API and UI testing, independent of the platform or language used,” adds Shanmugam. AutonomIQ’s platform leverages AI to pinpoint and determine the impact of functionality changes on an application’s test cases with accurate schematics, auto-computation, and auto-healing features. These features enable clients to efficiently detect, identify, manage, fix and modify the required test cases to accommodate the changes in an application as opposed to constructing additional test cases.
AutonomIQ’s provides the clients with three distinct editions of the platform—Developer/Tester, Lite, and Full Enterprise editions. The Developer/Tester edition offers limited operations, ideal for individual users to get their web applications up and running within 10 minutes, while the Lite edition yields the functionalities of a full-blown product, but limited to a few applications. The company’s Full Enterprise edition, however, is equipped with maximum capabilities that are not limited to the number of users or applications, and optimized algorithms for quick and easy understanding of an application’s test cases. “We consider the secure customer application that may not be easily accessible through the web, and also present an on-premise edition system that allows customers to deploy a version of our SAP product on-premise,” Shanmugam says.

Recently, one of AutonomIQ’s clients, a large consumer financial services company, was in need of an efficient software testing solution to enhance their development and testing capabilities for an improved feature velocity. The client spent four hours for writing test cases and running test scripts, 10 hours to adapt to functionality changes and infuse 14-15 additional features per sprint with 13 test automation engineers. With AutonomIQ, the client could write test cases, add and run test scripts, and adapt to the functionality changes systematically by five test automation engineers to add 19-20 features per sprint within 10 minutes of computing time. The client then re-assigned the remaining eight engineers to perform other tasks for improved business productivity.

AutonomIQ is currently working to enhance its API testing platform with a new mobile testing feature, driving efficiency and productivity via AL and ML. With a blend of 40-50 enterprise customers and over 100,000 developers, the privately funded AutonomIQ enjoys the support of a strong team of experts and researchers from leading universities and research labs that fuels core innovation in the field of AI and ML from an IP perspective.


Palo Alto, CA

Ram Shanmugam, Co-Founder & CEO

Enabling product and IT teams to autonomously test, release and deploy software, thereby increasing velocity of software releases without compromising on quality