QA Mentor: Introducing Efficiency in Software Testing

Ruslan Desyatnikov, President, Founder & CEO
As more enterprises are introducing new architectures into their systems, they are adopting trends like virtualization, big data, cloud, and mobile platforms. As a result, the requirement of taking necessary measures to avoid unpleasant results due to flaws in software is also increasing. The C-Suite seeks for the best-of-the-breed solutions to decrease the time utilized in testing so that they can devote more time on project plans. In this tumultuous situation, a New York based firm, QA Mentor, steps in to address the demands of clients and increase effectiveness and efficiency of software testing, and ensure quality at the same time. “Companies are not looking at simple manual testers, there is more emphasis towards test automation, test service virtualization, test data management, process improvements,” says Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO, President and Founder, QA Mentor. The firm’s QA Automation Tool Expert Service helps companies and clients to select the right solutions. Desyatnikov explains, “Whether it’s an automation solution, performance tool, security kit tool, or test data management tool, we ensure that the tools give clients the best results.” The service covers various automation tools in the categories of database testing, mobile testing, performance testing, security testing and test data management. With expertise in a wide range of open source and enterprise testing tools, QA Mentor’s professional team advises clients to select the best-suited tools for their current and future needs.

The company also offers Lab Compatibility Services which allows clients to seamlessly test both old and new versions of browser systems—OS versions, add-ons, mobile platforms, and connection speed combinations. The proprietary infrastructure, testing methodologies and tools help customers identify the bottlenecks and problems in their applications and make it more efficient. The company has labs in different locations across the world, like India and Ukraine, which are well equipped to test all current mobile environments including Google Android, Apple iOS, Symbian, Windows, Firefox, Ubuntu, Tizen, Bada, and Brew. “We don’t use simulators or emulators. We use our own devices that are configured and installed in our lab,” elucidates Desyatnikov.

Companies are not looking at simple manual testers, there is more emphasis towards test automation, test service virtualization, test data management, and process improvements

QA Mentor also offers on-demand services which clients can use to support their projects and build test cases in a cost-effective manner. The company accommodates all types of on-demand projects for clients— whether the duration is for one hour or a week. In addition, the firm runs various predictive analysis and performance testing to determine the number of users in the system and the point at which the system will start degrading. As a result, companies that want to acquire other firms are benefitted and the scalability test ensures that the performance of the application will not be hampered.

QA Mentor once assisted a client in the auditing field with their QA Audit and Process Improvement Services. The client had been missing defects in production and in User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and the defect leakage rate was very high. The client approached QA Mentor to improve their business processes. QA Mentor performed a comprehensive audit and evaluated the client’s QA environments and QA automation tools, QA personnel, strategy, and methodologies and provided an overall rating. After following a six month plan, the client easily transformed their immature QA practice into a mature one and added value to the organization.

QA Mentor is presently working on a new product for QA Managers and QA executives, which will be available shortly in the market. “We will continue to invest in the various product lines that we are currently developing and implementing,” concludes Desyatnikov.

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Ruslan Desyatnikov, President, Founder & CEO

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