First Line Software: Maximizing Test Coverage with Faster Time-to-Market

Andrew Zaikin, CTO
The proliferation of new technologies and approaches has greatly affected the software testing domain. With the increasing adoption of DevOps and continuous testing concepts, the line between test automation and IT monitoring activities has significantly blurred. Testers need to work in alignment with the DevOps/ Agile teams on various fronts such as establishing and improving ‘definition of done’. First Line Software addresses these quandaries by providing training to ensure all engineers have basic operation and test automation skills while enabling testers to fulfill QA needs on the product level. “We combine our technical skills and experience, industry expertise, and transparent Agile processes to advice and deliver solutions to alleviate client’s pain points,” asserts Andrew Zaikin, CTO, First Line Software.

The company provides complete application development services from designing to testing to integrating the software across various platforms. First Line also assists clients with individual processes in the software development lifecycle like testing. For this, clients can use the company’s consulting services that understand their needs, the steps to be taken and analyze the value derived from them. With the help of First Line, users can then implement the best suited testing framework according to their requirements to ensure highest quality of the software with reduced regressions.

Alongside DevOps, the company also offers services to improve value of regression and new functional testing for Big Data systems, eliminating the laborious and inefficient testing methods traditionally used for big data projects. “With an approach using quantitative analysis and cross checks on real data sets, we build data models that help to measure software quality.” In addition to software development, the company offers a number of heavy load processing systems and data storage solutions associated with big data initiatives across various verticals ranging from financial services, retail, healthcare and railways.

Interestingly, First Line does not employ domain–specific consultants to advice customers.

With an approach using quantitative analysis and cross checks on real data sets, we build data models for measuring software quality and proceed with quality checks

Zaikin affirms, “We employ engineers who already have experience in projects with the same domain area and thus can understand client’s pain points and needs.” Working as a strategic technology partner, the company collaborates with clients to build and implement competitive solutions and products through Agile and intellectual integration. Together, Agile and Intellectual Integration provide clients with an efficient way to analyze their current capabilities, identify the best way forward, and then execute.

First Line has assisted a number of firms in testing their software. For instance, a client required to achieve maximum test coverage for their X-WFM product with automated tests using Selenium by implementing a testing framework. First Line partnered with them to undertake this task helping the client to cover the application with automated tests. The client got a scalable testing framework allowing for radical acceleration of testing effort with testing time reduced from a full day to 3-5 hours.

The company’s current and future focus is on the healthcare, big data engineering, industrial internet, and IoT domains. The First Line team is actively searching for acquisition targets in these areas and is also planning to further develop domain expertise. The company will continue to empower clients to effectively compete in their markets by accelerating and achieving digitalization through its software engineering expertise, innovation and agile philosophy.

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Andrew Zaikin, CTO

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