Worksoft: Ensuring Success through Automated Business Process Validation

Shoeb Javed, CTO
In today’s highly changing business environment, CIOs are tasked with introducing innovation quickly to accelerate IT projects and deliver greater efficiencies across the enterprise. As CIOs struggle to keep up with the pace of change, business apps need to keep running and remain glitch-free. Complexity in the tech landscape and the unprecedented pace of change is also driving companies to shift their focus from the quality of individual applications to the quality of the entire connected business process. The more complex the environment, the harder it is to ensure that entire business processes continue to work properly across every enterprise app.

Essential Automation. The concept of automated business process validation has now become an integral strategy–one that’s being widely adopted by Global 5000 companies to ensure that critical business processes continue to work when technology changes. Worksoft, an automation software technology company, provides automated business process testing and discovery solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands. Blue chip companies across all industries use Worksoft automation to replace manual processes, shorten project timelines, reduce costs, innovate faster, and improve business process quality across their enterprise landscape, including web, cloud, big data, mobile, and dozens of enterprise applications.

End-to-End Business Process Focus. The Worksoft approach is unique—it’s the only automation company focused on end-to-end business processes. “We test an organization's complete set of business processes across multiple complex enterprise applications, delivering industrial scale automation that mitigates risk and prevents business disruption,” says Shoeb Javed, CTO of Worksoft.

Worksoft’s laser-focused automation technology improves quality, accelerates project timelines, and reduces production defects and technology frailties - which in turn increases the success rate for technology projects. “The extent of business dependency on technology has increased more than ever and has introduced a major transformation in business functionality,” notes Javed. “So validating every business process across all applications is critical to business continuity.”

“Industrial-scale” Quality. Worksoft’s ability to test overall application integration as well as the apps themselves enables industrial scale automation for critical projects and fosters collaboration between the business and IT.
“Automation allows customers to confidently bring continuous change into their enterprise landscapes, and know they have validated their critical business processes,” says Javed.

The Worksoft Certify® suite is designed to help global enterprises validate hundreds of core business processes and all their variations as needed – monthly, weekly, daily, and on-demand. That can mean validating hundreds of thousands of process steps every day. Large-scale functional test automation makes it possible.

Mitigating Today’s Technology Risks. While cloud-based systems help companies deploy new technology quickly, they also introduce new risks. A small change in a business application can have a veiled effect that can cause disruption in the end-to-end business process. Worksoft eliminates technological risks in hybrid cloud applications by helping to continuously check the quality of the integration between cloud and non-cloud apps, as well as the apps themselves.

For one large Fortune 20 company, Worksoft helped consolidate multiple SAP instances to streamline financial reporting. This boosted the quality of business execution for every period close, and virtually eliminated the risk of a glitch or business disruption. The fact that the enterprise also saved tens of thousands of hours with automation was a secondary benefit.

Companies are now turning to Worksoft automation to help them gain efficiency and enhance business process quality end-to-end

As more companies transform into digital businesses, Worksoft is helping them mitigate digital risk. “Automation is already becoming the new industry standard for business process quality. We are replacing manual labor with digital labor and helping customers accelerate their digital transformation. It’s an unstoppable trend,” says Javed.


Addison, TX

Shoeb Javed, CTO

Worksoft helps some of the world’s biggest brands understand their real-time business processes, and ensure they continue to work when technology changes