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Rachelle McLure, Global Managing Principal-Business Applications
The software industry has evolved through four eras. Each era has its own distinctive characteristics, but over the years software has increased in size and complexity. In the history of this revolution, software testing is ‘as old as the hills’. However today with the advent of IoT and Big Data, software testing challenges go beyond devices and sensors. “ In such a scenario, agile testing and DevOps play a dominant role in delivering enhanced integration and collaboration across business development testing and operations and infrastructure,” remarks Rachelle McLure, Global Managing Principal-Business Applications, RCG Global Services. With a strong focus on end-to end testing solutions, RCG’s Quality Assurance (QA) and Software Testing solutions can be delivered as an onsite, off-site, offshore or dual-shore model and offer cost-effective, and non-disruptive approaches to IT challenges. The company provides direction, planning, documentation and closure to help organizations manage and deploy defect-free applications.

To jumpstart customer engagement, RCG employs varied frameworks and methodologies, based on commercial and open source tools, which are used as accelerators. Following a four step testing process, which starts out with a Best Practices approach, RCG issues solutions to improve a client’s testing competency, after assessing the business environment. This is followed by devising a methodology which tailors solutions ac¬cording to a client’s unique culture and operating environment. Placing considerable importance on a tailored solution, RCG has a criterion of 172 factors which further refines the efficacy of the right solution for the customer. On one occasion, a financial services company lacked consistent estimation of the methodology, metrics and reporting availed by them. RCG transitioned the client’s account with their methodology, which resulted in better coverage for testing, more reliable timeframes for release, and quality products.

The third step—Software Testing is a crucial step as it addresses an organization’s testing strategies and points out the errors made in the development phase.
The RCG team assures system testing of all applications prior to deployment. In the final step—Test Automation, RCG provides the functional and performance methodology that maximizes the use of automated testing tools and validates complex applications. “It includes selecting tools, designing detailed test scripts and automating those scripts. Furthermore, we also develop metrics to improve quality and reduce downtime,” informs McLure.

The company's offshore delivery center situated in the Philippines provides low cost, scalable delivery methods that make use of RCG's talent

In the case of a healthcare payer organization, RCG allocated testing solutions for challenges experienced just before an enrollment period termed by the company as their “just-in-time” approach. RCG provided a methodology and test cases to validate the enrollment application compiled in accordance to the latest government regulation. In another instance, RCG intervened six weeks prior to the launch of a customer's consumer facing website. “On inspection we realized that the new system introduced major performance defects that had to be resolved,” says McLure. RCG ensured that in a six week period the client had a quality product going into production.

Placing key importance on meeting clients’ demands, RCG streamlines and outsources business processes to maximize a customer’s investment. The company's offshore delivery center situated in the Philippines provides low cost, scalable delivery methods that make use of RCG's talent. McLure states that, “We believe in seamless delivery of solutions whether it is local, remote or even offshore.” In the near future, RCG also plans on packaging innovation from a testing perspective. “We are looking forward to innovate in the field of automation, data management strategies, and Big Data which stands as a priority,” ends McLure.

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Rachelle McLure, Global Managing Principal-Business Applications

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