QA Mentor: Quality Assurance through Flexible Services

Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO, President & Founder
In today’s software driven era, testing and quality assessment (QA) have only gained prominence. The need to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction and to avoid unpleasant results caused due to failure or flaws in software has driven this trend. CIOs are on a lookout today for an optimized solution to decrease the time utilized in testing so they can focus more on project plans. New York, NY, based QA Mentor, comes to the fore to address the needs of such companies by increasing efficiency and effectiveness of testing while assuring quality. “We offer various flexible automated services and several unique methodologies that can be customized and adapted for each client,” says Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO, President and Founder, QA Mentor.

The Application Architecture Inspection Services from QA Mentor, reviews the architecture design of applications whether it is a new product that needs to be built or an existing one whose latest iteration is about to be launched. “We are offering the expertise with more than 15 years of experience in the field of technical architecture, allowing CIOs and CTOs to have an independent view within the quality assurance arena,” adds Desyatnikov. The design and architecture of applications are analyzed to ensure performance and security, or to check potential scalability problems. QA Mentor also offers static testing service that helps in inspecting the functional, business, and technical requirements of a code before it is delivered to QA team. “We are verifying and identifying the gaps as the requirements of code are not defined in many instances and ambiguous requirements lead to potential code errors,” adds Desyatnikov.

QA Automation Tool Expert Services, another offering of the firm helps customers support different tools and automation solutions available in the market. The service covers various automation tools in the categories of database testing, mobile testing, performance testing, security testing, and test data management.
“Instead of reinventing and building a brand new framework, we can utilize our own proprietary automation framework and deploy it to our customers,” explains Desyatnikov. Apart from these services, the firm also delivers QA Solutions with specialized strategies for e-commerce, financial sector, health care, media, and entertainment amongst others. Manual Test Design and Execution Services offered by the firm impart flexibility to customers by deploying resources only when needed. Apart from these services, QA Mentor also renders Regression Testing Execution Factory Services with which the task of performing regular and consistent full regression tests is taken control by the QA experts based on pre-arranged timelines.

We offer various flexible automated services and several unique methodologies that can be customized and adapted for each client

Owing to their distinct ability to identify the most customizable solution for customers’ needs and implementing beyond conventional industry standard elements, QA Mentor has succeeded in helping several clients. Each strategy, methodology, or approach designed by QA Mentor is specifically rendered as per clients’ specific needs. “Depending on customers’ needs, as well as the skill sets, we can design the appropriate solution for them,” remarks Desyatnikov. QA Mentor is launching an online portal, which will include multiple e-learning courses. “We want to educate people as well as provide training so we are also going to launch different seminars, webinars, and workshops,” says Desyatnikov. The company plans to expand its footprint to different locations around the world by adding three new locations to eight existing worldwide locations. “We will also be offering test strategies and solutions for new innovations in the market such as big data and IoT by the end of this year,” beams Desyatnikov.

QA Mentor

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Ruslan Desyatnikov, CEO, President & Founder

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