Parasoft: Delivering Secure, Reliable, and Compliant Software for Enterprises

Elizabeth Kolawa President & CEO
The software industry has evolved over a period of time, where massive transformation has taken place across several domains. Earlier, software was confined to large data centers across organizations, but now, each part of the enterprise relies upon software for all major and minor functions within the infrastructure. As a result firms are choosing sturdy software to broaden their ecosystems and stay more agile in the market. Parasoft, a Monrovia, CA, based firm is the provider of testing software solutions that offer organizations glitch free applications, helping firms to perform in the most effective manner.

The company offers enterprise and advanced solutions to examine and test software around the parameters of capabilities, quality, and functionality. “We integrate development testing, API testing, and service virtualization, to reduce the time and efforts taken to deliver secure, reliable, and compliant software,” says Elizabeth Kolawa, President and CEO, Parasoft. Under development testing area, Parasoft provides Unit testing solution that analyzes code and generates high-coverage test suite with complete xUnit-format tests. Parasoft's Unit testing is capable of conducting tests on the host, target, and simulator. This action is performed by automating the entire text execution flow that includes test case generation, cross-compilation, deployment, execution, and loading results.

On the API Testing front, Parasoft performs the vulnerability check for security, cloud, and web user interface testing. The software development cycle assesses different kinds of unshielded attacks within the cycle and also fixes them in the testing process. Cloud testing is performed to help testers gain visibility across myriad of components. Parasoft’s functional and load testing platform was designed from the ground up to simplify the testing of all the protocols and technologies that make cloud-based applications possible. Likewise for Web UI testing, Parasoft solution guides the team in developing robust, regression test for effective and dynamic web interfaces.
Parasoft’s automates web tests to eliminate noise for accurate results. “We test and isolate individual application components to blend accurate functionality across multiple browsers without using scripts,” asserts Elizabeth.

We integrate development testing, API testing, and service virtualization, to reduce the time, effort, taken to deliver secure, reliable, and compliant software

Several Fortune 500 companies rely on Parasoft in order to roll-out top-quality software as they pursue agile, lean, DevOps, compliance, and safety-critical development initiatives. In one instance, Parasoft was reached out by a cargo service company, which was looking to implement API in their central Shipment Database (SDB). The client wanted to test the API for its prominence across their central shipment database. The demand was met by Parasoft’s API testing solution which was implemented in a fully automated environment. The solution enabled the client was able to streamline their operations in a cost effective fashion.

Parasoft has assisted myriad of customers across industries, boosting their performance and production in their day to day process. To take their success one step ahead, Parasoft re¬cently launched a unified platform that combines API testing, service virtual¬ization, and test environment manage¬ment. Specifically designed to execute the automated functions, this platform can develop and execute end-to-end tests in any kind of evolving environ¬ment. In the affinity of partnership, the firm launched the Next Evolution Solu¬tion with Integrated Service Virtualiza¬tion, API Testing, and Test Environment Management Delivering Quality.


Monrovia, CA

Elizabeth Kolawa President & CEO

Researches and develops software solutions that help organizations deliver defect-free software