OPTiiM: Redefining Software Testing through Innovative Solutions

Yahya Ozturk, Co-founder & CTO
In today’s competitive business world, software testing is an important and valuable process as it represents the ultimate review of specification, design, and coding of an application. However, the software testing landscape is constrained by a number of challenges and operational limitations. Testing a product across ever-growing set platforms with time-consuming manual methods, limited resources, and skyrocketing costs, has become a cause of worry for CIOs. “We are addressing this challenge by delivering a scalable test automation framework. It speeds up test execution and reduces test maintenance. That leads to dramatic decrease in the overall product time-to-market,” says Yahya Ozturk, Co-founder and Director of Testing Services, OPTiiM. The company executes the task of analysis, design, implementation, and reporting, in collaboration with their clients, by offering a fixed-price approach. In addition, OPTiiM also caters to mobile testing which is emerging as another challenging area. The company’s team continuously evaluates mobile test automation tools in “shadow projects” within their labs to identify the ones that fit best a customer’s project needs.

OPTiiM, headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, primarily operates in three areas of software testing—performance testing, manual testing, and test automation. “We test the limits of systems and applications and advise CIOs how to improve their performance,” says Ozturk. “We work together with their organizations to optimize every level of the application— from the network to the code. We believe we are unique in this capability. We gave this service a name–PerformAssure,” says Ozturk. The platform offers performance testing intended to determine the responsiveness and scalability of a system under a given workload. This further helps identify bottlenecks in the system, establish a baseline for future testing, determine compliance with performance goals, and estimate the hardware configuration required to achieve them.

Meanwhile, OPTiiM performs functional test automation with their own framework called OPTiiMize. “OPTiiMize is a combination of implementation best-practices and software framework adapted for each customer and their automation tools,” explains Ozturk. Supporting leading edge automation tools like HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT), Selenium, Sahi, and Borland Silk Test, OPTiiMize’s robust approach to test automation design ensure both rapid test-case generation and minimum test-case maintenance.
Subsequently, for manual testing, OPTiiM provides both staff augmentation or turnkey service where it takes responsibil¬ity for the entire application quality assurance. “How are we different in that from other manual testing body shops?” asks Ozturk. “We are different because we make even our manual work so much more ef¬fective through the introduction of various small automation tools and scripts”.

OPTiiM has solved the complexities of software testing through their unique solutions and helped a multitude of enterprises in accomplishing desired results. In one such instance, Group Securities, a leading Qatar stock trading company, used OPTiiM’s PerformAssure to optimize their profit margin.

OPTiiM helped the organization to scale their trading system from 5,000 to 100,000 concurrent users. “Our experts used innovative load-testing techniques to understand the application behavior under load and redesigned the entire architecture to meet a world-class performance target of 100,000 concurrent stock trading users,” says Ozturk.

We are delivering a super-scalable test automation framework. It speeds up test execution and reduces test maintenance. That leads to a dramatic decrease in the product time-to-market

To attain more success stories like this, the company is committed to understand their customers’ goals and work toward accomplishing them effectively. Furthermore, OPTiiM provides internal training, knowledge transfer sessions, and certifications to deliver more optimal results to customers. Moving ahead, the company envisions being the best-known name in the business of software testing, project portfolio management, and tailored portals by providing more distinctive and cost-efficient solutions and services.


Istanbul, Turkey

Yahya Ozturk, Co-founder & CTO and Levent Ozalp, Founder & CEO Daniel Lorer, Co-founder & CBDO, Hakan Turgut, Partner & CSO

OPTiiM is a software and services company specializing in project portfolio management, test automation, software testing, and performance testing