Creating Tests with AscentialTest

Category: Software Testing   |   Presented By: Zeenyx Software

Creating Tests with AscentialTest

Earlier creating a test was as easy as navigating through the application under test (AUT), but testing groups quickly discovered that the tests were of no use once the target application changed.

Organizations can significantly reduce the duration of testing cycles by adopting the step-based approach to build manual and automated tests.

This whitepaper provides insights on how AscentialTest automatically generates the test framework, enabling domain experts to design and create automated tests that are ready to execute without recording or scripting. It highlights:

  • Step-based approach: Next evolution in test development

  • Building Steps with AscentialTest

  • Action types that are standard to the step-based approach

  • Different ways to access test data from within steps and tests

tags Technology | Testing Cycle Time | Software Testing

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